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how to scan a document to pdf

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How to Convert PDF to TIFF Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is a format that is used largely in the publishing and printing industryIt’s best for any bitmap images that you intend to edit, and it preserves the image quality

how to scan a document to pdf

To convert PDF to TIFF, use Adobe Acrobat for the best results: Open Adobe Acrobat, and then click Tools > Export PDFSelect Image, then TIFF to launch the Open box dialogBrowse the PDF file that you want to convert to TIFF, and then choose the folder where you want to save the TIFF file

how to scan a document to pdf

That’s it! Now you can preview the converted TIFF fileHow to Convert TIFF to PDF Converting TIFF to PDF is pretty easy using Adobe Acrobat

how to scan a document to pdf

You can do the conversion directly from the TIFF, or you can embed a TIFF image into a Word document and then convert the document

In this tutorial, we’ll be converting a TIFF to PDF directlyBusiness PDF on mobile Reading a Business PDF on a mobile device Problem 2: They require multiple steps to access Because they're offline documents, PDFs require you to download them before viewing

This is already a barrier for desktop users, but for mobile users, downloading files remains an almost alien task requiring a file manager app and a 3rd party PDF viewerIn a world where every ounce of friction equals lost opportunities, these extra steps can lead many users to abandon your content before even beginning

If your goal is for your audience to engage with your content, you need to make accessing it easy with as few steps as possibleThis means using a format that doesn't require the user to leave his or her browser

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