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how to convert onenote to pdf

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While it may not be as intuitive as other PDF readers, it has several features that make it easier to create, share, and annotate your documents

This ensures that it will only render properties it knowsAlso, you can expect a few limitations

how to convert onenote to pdf

For example, it may not be able to take screenshots of pages with cross-origin contentYou'll need to use a proxy or a web browser with proxy supportLastly, html2canvas uses SVG optimization techniques to speed up the rendering of your images

how to convert onenote to pdf

This helps to reduce the size of your SVG filesBesides, you'll get faster loading times for your webpages

how to convert onenote to pdf

You should also set up a good cache policy

Caching reduces your workload and improves your page load timeThis option can be useful for highlighting a specific section of the document or adding annotations

The first step is to open the PDF fileTo do this, locate it on your PC

Once you have found it, click on the PDF's icon in the menu barThe next step is to choose the proper location for the PDF

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